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Discharge measurements on 1/3 of the systems proceeded without problems in SWID. The start was a little slow due to the temperature and the rain in May. No complaining about the precipitation is allowed.

The Spring Users mitigation plan was submitted and received only 1 protest. Negotiations with the protestor are continuing. All sign point to an agreement allowing the Director to by-pass a formal hearing and sign the plan.

The mitigation plan for the SWC was submitted. SWID has over-mitigated their responsibility on the upper reaches. Negotiations are continuing with the SWC. As with the Spring Users plan, negotiations point to an agreement allowing the Director to proceed without a formal hearing and accept the plan.

The West Cassia Pipeline began pumping water in March and injecting directly into the recharge wells. Sampling continued throughout the recharge project as directed by IDWR. None of the samples resulted positive for any of the constituents. Recharge will continue simultaneously with irrigation as irrigators reduce their need for water. Approximately 1,500 AF were injected during the spring effort. More than 10,000 AF have been pumped for irrigation so far this year. It is anticipated that approximately 20,000 AF of all waters will be pumped through the pipeline this year.

Monthly water level measurements are continuing. The high rains in May and June caused the pumps to remain off until late in June. This allowed more flow through the BID canal (thank you BID). Water levels in most areas of the district are up approximately 1 foot from last year. Some areas within the district are still on a downward slope. One well within close proximity to an injection well is up more than 60 feet. It is very impressive to report this change, however, it is an anomaly rather than the norm.