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Discharge measurements on 1/3 of the systems proceeded without problems in SWID. The start was a little slow due to the temperature and the rain in May.

Samples were collected and analyzed from the Cassia Creek and Raft River to prepare for injection well permitting. Cassia Creek water had no positive hits for contamination. Permitting of wells recharged with Cassia Creek water should be smooth. Water from Raft River had positive hits in several analytes including bugs. Permitting of these sites will be significantly more cumbersome. Therefore, the two areas will be permitted separately.

Water level measurements were attempted in April on every well that was measured during the 1965 study by the USGS. Only 1/2 of the wells measured in the 60s were still active. Therefore, the data received from the effort was limited. The results of the measurements are that all the wells in the north sections of the district are continuing to decline. Water levels in the southern sections are remaining consistent. The board of directors was approached to measure more wells more often.

An effort is currently underway to locate all the wells within the district and attach site tags with GPS coordinates. This effort will determine exactly how many wells are currently being used in the district thus reducing the time involved in trying to measure wells that no longer exist.